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Carolann Dowsett


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Food for the Soul -192 Page Coil Bound


Many are floundering through the bible looking for God, His Promises, His Grace, His Love. Food for the Soul is an open door into God's Holy Word and how you can apply His Word in your life today. Packed full of Scriptures, Food for the Soul brings to life God's Living Word as you learn to confess out loud His amazing promises.


God's Living Word is His gift to us. It is life to all who find it and health to all their flesh. In His Word you will find Peace, Healing, Joy, Abundance, Grace, and Love. God's Word sets us free and enables us to live with the sureness of Salvation and the hope of a life everlasting in His Eternal Care. God's Word builds our faith and reminds us of all we are in Him and of how very much He loves us.


Food for the Soul is an invaluable asset to anyone who wants to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. It is an easy to use guide to many of God's most comforting Scriptures and when used in conjunction with His Holy Bible will take you on a journey into the Heart of our Father's Love and the great Sacrifice His Holy Son Jesus made for us all.


Carolann Dowsett has diligently studied the Word of God for the last 18 years and has personally experienced the Power of God's Living Word and the fulfillment of His Promises in every part of her life.


Carolann Dowsett is also the Author of The Little Scripture Book and Doorways to the Soul.

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