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Carolann Dowsett


Excerpt from Doorways to the Soul 

He flinched as she moved closer to him, alluring, sensual, giving out a seductive vibe that was hard to resist. She was so close to him now that he could smell her scent; it was sexual and wild; she was like a thing of the jungle, an animal coming after her prey. She laid a hand upon his cheek, caressing, slowly moving it around to the back of his neck. She pulled him closer, drawing his lips closer to hers until he could feel her hot breath against his mouth. Until he could feel her need, and her deep, primitive desire. He tried to fight the urge to kiss her........

When her lips touched his it was like a burning fire to his soul. He could feel the heat of her in every part of his being, could feel his lust for her build until it was an all-consuming inferno. He picked her up in his arms, crushed her to his body, their lips joined in an unholy embrace, their bodies welded together by the fire of lust and desire. He was in the moment........ 

Copyright © 2014 Carolann Dowsett

Excerpts from Doorways to the Soul

He looked into the blackness with trembling fear, motionless, trying to be as invisible as the night. He was hoping that this was all just his mind playing tricks on him. Just a terrible madness setting into his soul and he almost had himself convinced, almost believed that he was just going mad when he saw them. Terrifying things were moving within the blackness that engulfed him. Strange, horrific looking creatures; impossibly blacker than the blackness they lived in. They looked strangely solid, thick and shiny, and the sight of them filled him with revulsion and terror.............

The colours appeared to be alive and were incredibly beautiful, more beautiful by far than their earthly counterparts, rendering the most intense colours of the earth mere impostors. Then, as they travelled upwards towards the heavens, the colours began to take on shape, and she could see images of her life form within them...........

Copyright © 2014 Carolann Dowsett