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Carolann Dowsett


Fragments of Light 

As I walk alone

along a sun-drenched beach

thoughts of love flow unbidden through my mind

Like playful dreams they entice me

into a world of fantasy

of imaginings beyond my ability to control 

I want to fall into these dreams

and be lost in them forever

hidden away in a secret place

where the presence of evil

can never again find me 

Entranced I float away on fragments of light

rest dreamily upon the clouds

No longer a physical being

I am finally free

No longer tied down by the cruel hands

of a world lost in the darkness of sin

I soar away to places unknown by man

to impossible realities

beyond human comprehension 

I am wild and free

a being of light

embraced in the warmth of God's love 

Playfully I dance on moonbeams

I race shooting stars

across a universe that never ends

Joy, peace, love fills me

I have become nothing more

than a speck in the eye of creation 

Lost, wild, free

reality slips from my grasp

I enter into a timeless void

but there is peace here 

I rest in the hands of eternity

where the wheels of time no longer turn

in a place far beyond the reaches of man 

I float slightly through forever

a soul adrift among a billion stars

Heaven is just beyond my reach

I can feel its glory

The love and compassion of God

floods my soul

and I long to go to Him

to fall forever into His loving embrace

but from a place where time is still in motion

where souls are still lost

and pain reigns in so many hearts

I hear the soft whisper of my name 

I look once again towards the glory of heaven

and every part of my being wants to go there

to enter into this painless world of love and peace

but the demands of the earth beckon me home 

A cry of frustration erupts from me

as I surrender once more to the earth

and allow it to draw me back

into its heartless embrace 

Reality seizes me

takes hold of my heart

and I see that I am once again

walking aimlessly

along a sun-drenched beach

with thoughts of love dancing playfully

around the corners of my mind 

Copyright © 2015 Carolann Dowsett

Eternity's Plight 

I walk through

corridors of grey

As the light bleeds

from the sky

And the night

steals the day  

I move alone

through shadows unseen

An ethereal creature

A heavenly being  

I drift through the world

loved yet despised

Twisted and tormented

with no alibi  

I hunger for something

I will never find

Because the truth is an alien

And the inhabitants are blind  

I wander through worlds

of colour and light

Of mysteries unspoken

and eternity's plight  

I am everything

and nothing

I am all that I am

I am free to be me

I belong to no man  

Copyright © 2015 Carolann Dowsett

True Love

Has anyone seen

my true love 

I lost him

about a hundred years ago

between woe and go

and I haven't seen him since 

Or maybe

I just never knew him


he was never real 

Just a figment

of my imagination

A dream that's lasted

an endless day

A haunting melody

that won't go away 

A longing

in my soul

A yearning

that just won't go 

Copyright © 2015 Carolann Dowsett